Our People

NZAM’s team of experienced investment professionals provide a hands-on, personal service to our clients, who have full confidence in NZAM’s depth, commitment and independence.

Our Executives

NZAM is privately owned and independent. Our principals, also owners of the business, have, on average, 25 years investment experience, and are actively involved in the business. They also have their own investable capital in an NZAM portfolio alongside their clients.

Simon Tompkins

Executive Director
DDI: +64 9 917 7365

Alan McChesney

Executive Director
DDI: +64 9 917 7368

Mei Fong

Executive Director
DDI: +64 9 917 7363

James Caughey

Executive Director
DDI: +64 9 917 0484

Dyrol Lowe

Senior Executive, AFA
DDI: +64 9 917 0483

Brad Martin

Head of Operations
DDI: +64 9 917 0482

Andy Morris

DDI: +63 21 222 5004

Our Team

In New Zealand, we have worked hard to build a team of experienced and committed investment professionals, who gain great personal satisfaction from making our approach work for all our clients, year on year. We ensure our global fund managers have the same high professional and personal standards.

Christine Harland

Senior Operations Administrator

Michelle Dickson

Senior Research Analyst

Pippa Styles


Glynne Blumgart

Client Reviews Administrator


NZAM's Board receives superior independent advice and governance from Jonathan Mason and Richard Riddell as non-executive directors.

Jonathan Mason

Non-Executive Director