Our Approach

Before NZAM was founded in 1991, investors who weren’t happy risking their capital with the typical investment management approach had little option but to put their money in the bank and accept lower returns.

We decided to provide a better way – one that aims to preserve the value of our clients’ hard-earned capital even when markets fall, and achieve returns that consistently outperform the bank.

Since we were founded, our approach has substantially outperformed both World Equity Markets in NZD and the Gross 90 Day Bank Bill rate.

The success and value of our approach, plus the stability and commitment of our team means our clients stay with us.

Our Aim: Capital Preservation, Better Returns

NZAM’s investment approach is known as “Absolute Return”, and our clients find it an attractive alternative to the more typical relative return approach.

A relative return investment manager’s sole aim is to ‘beat the market’. In our view, it’s simple enough to achieve good returns when markets are buoyant, but losing money in a declining market is still losing – and we know that not all investors are willing to tolerate such losses.

We believe NZAM’s track record demonstrates our ability to preserve the value of your capital and deliver attractive positive returns over any given five-year timeframe.

Our Focus: Global Opportunities

We invest exclusively in offshore funds. Our clients tend to have significant local investments and are looking to diversify.

Each fund is managed by the best of like-minded global investment talent. All our fund managers have exceptional skills and capabilities and, most importantly, a track record of resilience when markets fall.

It’s mandatory that our global fund managers invest their own capital in their fund alongside our clients.

Our Priorities: How We Work

We are privately owned and independent. Our six executive principals have, on average, 25 years investment experience, and are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business.

Our team of experienced and committed investment professionals provides a hands-on, personal service to our clients. Open, regular communication is a priority.

Every member of our team gains great personal satisfaction from making our approach work for all our clients, year on year.


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