The Inauguration of a President

Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, saw the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump sworn into office.

While it has always been true that politics matter very little to markets, it seems to have become even more so of late.

Brexit, Key’s resignation, US election and the Italian referendum – none mattered thanks to the central banking guardian angels.

However, the four most dangerous words in markets are “this time it’s different” and we bear that in mind when proclaiming that this time it really will be.

President Trump is now confronted with a mature economic cycle, low and rising interest rates, low unemployment, and market valuations that all represent more headwind than tailwind. More chance he’s a disaster than a saviour.

As media and social justice warriors have frantically defied Obama and demonised Trump, we hope to see Trump succeed. There’s a chance too. But listening to his, mostly awful, Inauguration speech it became apparent that the odds are really very small.

What is very clear though is that Trump represents change, “big league” change, and the status quo is under attack. Given the status quo of recent years hasn’t suited the active, risk managed, absolute return style of investing that we advocate – that is a good thing.

Thankfully we don’t need Trump to succeed in order for us to succeed. Long only, relative performance driven investors do.

Absolute return’s time to prove its value is here.


24 January 2017 – Greg Peacock is NZAM’s Chief Investment Officer.


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