NZAM now offers Kiwisaver – Invest through Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme

NZAM is excited to announce that you can now invest into NZAM Global Growth through the Craigs Investment Partners – Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme.

NZAM Global Growth Fund has an absolute return philosophy. We believe this approach is well suited to long term investments such as KiwiSaver, where investors are likely to go through multiple market cycles.

Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited is a leading innovative KiwiSaver provider in New Zealand, offering investors the ability to construct their own portfolio from a list of nominated securities.

The Craigs Scheme now offers investors the opportunity to invest into NZAM’s Global Growth Fund to take advantage of our investment management experience and philosophy.

If you would like to move your KiwiSaver account into the Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme, please contact Craigs Investment Partners on 0800 878 278.


Adviser Disclosure Statements and the Investment Statement are available on request and free of charge. Investments are subject to risk and returns are not guaranteed by the issuer, the manager, the promoter or any other person. The Craigs Investment Partners kiwiSTART® Select Investment Statement is issued and managed by Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited. Please visit