NZAM Global – Individually Managed Account (‘IMA’)

Our flagship the NZAM Global portfolio has a track record dating back to our inception in 1991. It provides a way for investors to obtain a diversified exposure to global markets utilising an absolute return investment approach designed to lower volatility, reduce correlations and limit downside risk. NZAM Global aims to continue its long term record of generating returns in excess of both cash and traditional equity market investments.

NZAM Global is primarily invested in Equity managers, employing a variety of long/short strategies to reduce dependence on strong markets to generate returns. Capital is also allocated to Diversifying managers, those who seek gains from long/short positions in fixed income, currency and commodity markets and broad equity indices.

Investing in NZAM Global via an IMA allows investors to hold the underlying assets directly through the custodian, Public Trust’s nominee company.

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To speak with an NZAM executive about the fund, please phone: +64 9 358 1517.

Please note that past performance is no guarantee of future returns.