NZAM is here for investors who want returns that the bank cannot match, while knowing the preservation of their hard-earned capital is a priority, no matter what the market is doing.

NZAM was set up in 1991 because we saw investors caught between the typical fund management approach, which exposed their capital to too much risk, and the bank, which offered more security but lower returns.

We believed in a better way – and we’ve been proving it for well over two decades.

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NZAM now offers Kiwisaver - Invest through Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme

NZAM is excited to announce that you can now invest into NZAM Global Growth through the Craigs Investment Partners - Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme. Read More

The fall of the middle class and rise of populism

President Obama wrote for this week’s Economist discussing “the crucial areas of unfinished business in economic policy” the next president will need to tackle and then questioned the rise of “crude populism” which promises to return the country to the past. We thought it was time to investigate this rise of populism and how it has evolved. Read More

The Inauguration of a President

On Inauguration Day, the 45th President of the United States, was sworn into office. Trump represents change and is the first populist US president since Andrew Jackson in 1829. This said, politics matter very little to markets. Read More

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